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Plastic End Cap
Non toxic grade polymer made plastic end caps are used for metal tubes to avoid entrance of dirt, dust, moisture and UV rays inside their hollow space. These highly durable end caps last for long period.

Plastic Bush
PTFE made Plastic Bushes are accessible in different shapes and sizes to suit specific application needs.  These highly durable bushes can bear heavy load in case these are backed by metal support. 

Plastic Building Block
This array of colorful plastic building blocks is used to develop co-ordination skill and motor skill of school going kids. The PE or PP made blocks are highly durable, long lasting and are toxin free.

Plastic Corner
PP or ABS made Plastic Corners are used as suitable wall corner protection solutions in offices and houses. Accessible in different shapes and sizes, these plastic products can be availed at reasonable rate from us.

Ludo Plastic Pawns
Ludo Plastic Pawns have been developed from non toxic grade polymer which is completely safe to handle by kids. Available in multiple colors, these indoor game accessories are of recyclable quality.

Plastic Washer
Round plastic washers are suitable for uniform distribution of load. These non toxic grade washers are preferred over their metal made version for their spark free mechanism. Moreover, these washers are moisture protected.

Tie Rod PVC Cone
12 Inch Tie Rod PVC Cones have wide applications in construction arena. Available in 12 inches length, these polyvinyl chloride made cones can endure 10 psi operating pressure. Manufactured in India, these PVC products can be accessed at reasonable rate from us.

Plastic Glue Spreader
Developed from eco-friendly grade polymer, this range of Green Plastic Glue Spreaders is useful for homogeneous spreading of adhesive on required surface. Offered polymer products are 25 gram in weight and 5 inches x 3.5 inches in size. 

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